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There’s something so special about receiving a basket full of goodness with wine and crackers and spreads and sweets. It’s like you’ve been handed the perfect wine picnic that you would never put together for yourself, but can enjoy without guilt bit by bit and sip by sip. If you decide to give someone the perfect wine basket, the formula for creating it can seem daunting. But, following a few of our simple tips will help you create a fool proof basket to please your wine lover. While we will take all of the hassle out of your hands at Burklee Hill Vineyards, you may want to enjoy the act of personally creating a fun gift for your recipient.

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Simple guide for wine baskets:

  1. Add the basket – If you’re not careful, you can spend too much on the basket from the beginning. I have found great baskets to use like these at World Market, which even include the crinkle paper–or “excelsior” as it’s called–to cushion the goodies in your basket. You can get all you need with their gift basket kits without breaking the bank. You can also find some great baskets on half-off at Hobby Lobby as well.
  2. Add the wine – Pick a wine that you know will please the recipient or if you don’t know his or her favorite, select a crowd pleaser, like a Pinot Noir or the Burklee Hill Montepulciano. If you’re feeling generous, choose both a white and a red to cover all of your bases. Chardonnay is still the most popular white wine, but in Texas where Chardonnay doesn’t grow that well, this Courtney blend features the same buttery profile with just a touch of oak.Courtney
  3. Add something crunchy – One of the easiest choices for your basket should be the addition of crackers, pretzels or nuts. It will give the wine drinker something wholesome and salty to pair the rest of the goodies. You can even add a small loaf or slices of bread if the basket will reach the person soon! There’s nothing better than spreading jam or cheese on bread while sipping on wine.
  4. Add something spreadable – This will pair perfectly with the last addition of crackers and can be anything from a soft cheese or a tasty jam, like this Kelle B creation, from a local chef that I love to feature (Kelle Barnard). She’s a great resource for your cheese boards, as well! I love to choose local products, so research what is in your area to find a great local artisan that creates goodies that you can include.¬† Kelle B
  5. Add something savory – This is where you should select cured meats or cheeses that do NOT require refrigeration. Other options might include pastas to be cooked later or bread dough.Burklee Hill Wine Basket
  6. Add something sweet – Chocolate is an obvious and easy choice, but you can really choose anything here, including hot chocolate mix, fruit candies, or even marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars make s’mores!Burklee Hill Blog Wine Basket Sweets
  7. Add a tool – Tools are great long-term gifts that the recipient can enjoy, like a cheese knife, wine aerator or small cutting board. My personal favorite is to add wine glasses and a cork screw because then, you don’t need anything else to start enjoying that wine!

Add a plastic wrap (some you can heat to shrink with a blow dryer) and a bow. There you have it! You’ve created a thoughtful and personal gift that doesn’t break the bank with lots of treats for your wine love. You can, of course, add as many of the above as you’d like or expand on other items that you know your recipient would love. ‘Tis the season for gift giving and wine is always a good idea.

Cheers – E

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