Wine + Chocolate Pairing

I may love chocolate almost as much as I love wine. Put the two together and life is decadent! But, which chocolates go better with which wines. Like wine, chocolates have varied flavors and evoke different parts of our senses. Pairing wines purposefully with the chocolates that compliment their flavors was an endeavor that I was happy to take on!

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and RoséBurklee Hill Blog - Wine and Chocolate

White chocolate lovers rejoice! A white chocolate raspberry truffle pairs delightfully with a fruity and floral rosé. In fact, rosé tasting notes often refer to hints of berries, like blackberry or raspberry.

If you are unfamiliar with a true rosé, here’s a quick review of its characteristics: rosé is a wine made from red white grapes that are pressed out and removed from the skins quickly, as opposed to red wines that allow extended exposure to the skins. The result is a wonderful blend of the best qualities of both whites and reds, typically served chilled.

Burklee Hill MoscatoMilk Chocolate and Moscato

Milk chocolate is the sweet, mild and pleasant version of all chocolates. Its popularity mimics the well-loved Moscato, often the first wine that new wine drinkers enjoy. Moscato is made from the muscat varieties, often one of the only wine grape varieties that tastes pleasant when sampled straight from the vine. Milk chocolate and Moscato pair perfectly to allow the mild and pleasant flavors to merge.


Dark Chocolate and MontepulcianoBurklee Hill Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Dark chocolate has become most well-known for its antioxidant benefits, as well as its unique and bold flavor. Likewise, Montepulciano is quickly becoming a favorite of many wine drinkers, especially those that enjoy a high tannin, dry finish. Its tasting notes often reflect hints of spices, such as oregano and rosemary. With deep color, both of these treats lend themselves to the more daring or experienced tastes.

As always, the best pairings are those that you find work for you. So, let me know what wine and chocolate pairings you enjoy!

Cheers – E

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