Introducing Banna Sue, a Burklee Hill Vineyards Heritage Wine

Burklee Hill Vineyards Banna Sue

If you read our Story of Burklee Hill Vineyards, you know that family heritage is part of our “why” for launching our new line of wines, named Burklee Hill Vineyards. One of our very first wines to release will serve as an affectionate tribute to Elizabeth’s great-grandmother, Banna Crawford. Similar to the pleasant and bright profile of the Muscat Canelli wine grape, Banna Blaylock Crawford was truly a ray of light in Elizabeth’s childhood.


There’s so much we love about this portrait of Banna: the signature of “The Land Studio” in Weatherford, Texas; the “it girl” hair style with curls that was all the rage during the roaring 20’s, and the gorgeous Mona Lisa smile with dark lips. She perfectly encompasses a fresh, pleasant and yet, complex personality. And, after deciding to make a dry muscat wine for our first release, we knew that “Banna Sue” had to be a part. “Sue” is actually a family name that Banna loved so much that she named her daughter, Evelyn Sue, and one of her other great-granddaughters is named, Linda Sue. We thought it was the perfect combination for this lovely, fresh and pleasant muscat canelli wine. Often, the muscat wine grape becomes a sweet moscato, a favorite wine of many. But, we believe there’s something about muscat that is absolutely delightful as a dry wine.

Banna, on the right, dancing in overalls to the music played by her friend, an accomplished violinist.

Banna, and the life she lived, epitomized so many characteristics we admire. She was bold, fresh and bright, with a hint of an audacious edge. She was a skilled farmer, home decorator and cook, managing the family homestead and farm for years on her own.

Burklee Hill Banna Sue
As a teenager, Banna cut her hair and took this picture to commemorate it. Legend has it that her father was less than thrilled.

She lived through her share of tragedies, losing her first husband tragically when he was accidentally shot as a young milk delivery man at a home in the early morning hours in the 1920s. But, somehow, she forged through, more resilient and passionate throughout her life. She loved deeply and created a cherished farmhouse home in Brazos, Texas, the site of many memories enjoyed by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Brazos barn - Burklee Hill Banna Sue

Banna left a legacy on our lives that we hope to carry on to our children. And, while a wine may seem like a trivial thing, especially when compared to the incredible life that Banna lived, we love that wines are made to enjoy with friends and family. So, we are proud to introduce and cannot wait to share with you one of our first heritage wines, intended to be enjoyed with your family and friends: Banna Sue.

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