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This year, I’m proud to say I did almost all of my shopping online. I’ll have to grab a few things in the store and although I contemplated ordering my candy online, I’ll probably make a grocery store/Target run sometime this week (maybe early in the morning to avoid the crowds). I do have a few little things I still need to get, as much as I’ve tried! If you hurry, Amazon can still ship you last-minute gifts by Dec. 24th!  Be sure to check shipping options when ordering to confirm that the gift is still available by that date. And, while some gifts simply can’t make it here that fast, most sites still offer a gift certificate option to allow your special someone to personalize their gift.

  1. For anyone: Custom Phone Cases from CaseApp

2017-12-17 09.10.56

My 13-year old, Emma, and I are simply loving our selections from CaseApp. We were both drawn to the marble options that CaseApp already provides, but I was so intrigued by those creative souls that actually download their own image to be transformed into a one-of-a-kind case. The cases are sturdy and provide the protection that I need, as someone who drops her case way more than I’d like to admit. My favorite drop was when I had just gotten a brand new screen and drop it out of my car door on to the concrete. Crack! You guessed it. I definitely have a sense of relief and luckily, I can now tell my phone apart from both of my teenagers with my monogram. And, the awesome part for you is that they do have gift cards! You can simply print your digital card off to stuff in a stocking or you can have it sent anywhere in the world!

Here’s the best part: now until December 21st (I know, hurry!), you can save 20% with the code: BURKLEEHILL20. I really hope you will use it! I am so glad we got these. Let me know what you design for yourself!

2. For her: REDESS Women’s Faux Fur Lined Suede House Slippers, Winter Indoor Outdoor Moccasins With Memory Foam – Under $20!


These are some of the highest rated house shoes for women for comfort and warmth on Amazon and they are under $20 right now. The moccasin style is super cute as well. You can order these with two-day shipping right now!

2. For him: Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife with Leather Pouch, Red,Red with Pouch,91mm – Under $35!

Burklee Hill Blog - Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

So, I literally asked the hubby, if you could have anything in your stocking (within reason) what would you want? Sure enough… pocket knife. Didn’t you have one of these, I asked? Yes, but it’s worn out and used. And, he tells me you can never have too many “just in case.” So, this was actually easy enough.

3. Young Star Wars Fanatic – Star Wars 4 Pack Decks Themed Playing Cards Heroes Set By Cartamundi Collector Pack – under $10!


Again, I did my research by watching those around me. On the way out of Target today, my 10-year-old Star Wars fanatic practically came unglued when he saw all the Star Wars Collector Cards. These are a playing deck, but figured they would be perfect for the friendly (read stab you on the hand) game of spoons or Nertz (if you’ve ever heard of that – it’s so fun) that we like to play over the holidays. I love how they incorporate the characters (of course, Leia is the Queen – need you even ask). I have to admit, given my age, I love the return of all of the Star Wars characters!

4. New Year’s Eve Hostess Gift – Personalized Wine Bottles!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been raving about my personalize wine label and my etched New Year’s Eve Bottle Gift from Wine Greeting!

Burklee Hill- Wine Greeting

These are so fun and perfect for the wine lover and really, for anyone that enjoys a glass of wine on special occasions. I really love the sparkling wine option for etching a New Year’s Greeting! We personalized ours to wish special friends a wonderful New Year! And, Wine Greeting even has growlers for the beer lover! These really are perfect year-round gifts for graduation, birthdays and weddings! The cool part is that if you don’t find the perfect label or suggestion from their website, you can upload your own! The options are truly endless. And, as a wine lover, this really makes me happy!

Let me know what your favorite last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers end up being. And, what do you love to give the host on New Year’s Eve!

Cheers – E

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