Burklee Bag: Bigfoot Wood Designs

Burklee Bag: Big Foot Wood Designs

I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible about bending, breaking and scratching my sunglasses. I’ve achieved this to the point that they hang off the edge of my ear and are blurry with a haze. Um, defeats the purpose, right? I tend to blame everything (messy car, anytime I forget something, etc., etc.) on my crazy life with four kiddos, full-time job, side-gigs with blog and wine, blah, blah, blah. But this, I can only blame on myself for buying cheapo glasses that are not well constructed. Lucky for me, I recently discovered these quality sunglasses from Bigfoot Wood Designs designed with style and of course, made from wood.

The style I selected is the grey Tulagi and I love the classic shape. Even my 16-year old approves and that says something. But, in addition to the look, the main thing I appreciate is that they are well-made, while at the same time incredibly light. I mean it. They kind of float on my face which I never knew I needed my sunglasses to do until now.

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Each style has various color options, including fun options for the lenses on several. Even more, Bigfoot also has watches, including this fun number that reminds me of my love for wine.

Burklee Bag - Bigfoot Wood Designs Watch

Can you see why the Camorta Watch reminds me of my favorite sip? Check out that design that resembles cork! I’m swooning. Go ahead and take a look at their entire collection here and let me know what you think!

*Full Disclosure –¬† I received a discount for my glasses, but these opinions are all my own!

Cheers – E

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