Wine Picks: Three Easy Wine Pairings for Every Holiday Dinner

Three Easy Wine Pairings for Every Holiday Dinner

It’s that time of year when we eat too much and hopefully, wash it down with fabulous wine. Sometimes, it’s tough to select the perfect pairing and please everyone at the table. I’ve helped you out with three simply choices that are universally enjoyed and pair well with typical holiday dishes.I’m providing links to Texas wines for my friends close to home and other alternatives that are more available to the online folks from other states. To begin, I’m bringing it one of the most enjoyed whites that pairs very well with turkey and dressing: Pinot Grigio.

Trilogy Cellars Pinot Grigio - Holiday Wine Pairings

One interesting fact about Pinot Grigio is that the wine grape is actually a red grape, but due to the character of the wine it produces, wine makers press out the juice immediately to give it the white wine appearance. Who knew?! I didn’t until just a few years ago while traveling down my wine journey. If you haven’t heard my story on how I became a wine lover seeking to know more about wine, see that story here. The qualities I love about Pinot Grigio is the light and crisp character, which balances so well with certain heavier dishes, like the dressing, potatoes and other carbs I love to load up on during the holidays! It’s also a perfect balance for turkey or other similar meats, even ham. This Trilogy Cellars Pinot Grigio recently won Reserve Texas Class Champion in the Houston Rodeo Uncorked International Wine Competition.

J Vineyards Pinot Grigio

As an alternative, this 2015 J Vineyards & Winery California Pinot Gris is a fantastic Russian River Valley wine that offers bright fruit and just a kiss of minerality. Hints of honeydew and pear also emerge. This one would be really nice with that sweet potato casserole!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love me some rosé and during the holidays, I can definitely sip rosé all day! Rosé wines really do bring the best of both worlds in meshing the white and red wine qualities.

DSC_0057 (2)

This lovely Texas rosé from Farmhouse Vineyards pays homage to the other giant crop on the Texas High Plains, cotton! And how perfect to adorn your table with cotton blooms during harvest season. Reminiscent of the salmon color of wines from Provence, Bloom offers notes of early season strawberry and wet streams. Sounds delightful during the cold weather, right? This 2016 Gard Vintners “Grand Klasse” Rosé of Grenache Wine out of the Washington state Columbia Valley provides a lovely alternative.

With hints of citrus and white flowers paired with notes of watermelon and honeydew, this wine should pair remarkably well with any spicy dishes that you throw in the mix of your holiday feast. It would also compliment cheese or creamy dishes very nicely.

Finally, there are always the wine drinkers that love to consume red wine, regardless of the dish. Believe it or not, reds can still pair great with white meats, especially lighter bodied reds, like this 2015 Erath Oregon Pinot Noir Wine

With an 89 rating from Wine & Spectator, this affordable wine will impress your guests. Notes of raspberry, black cherry and nutmeg already sound like a holiday feast. Those wine lovers that prefer red, tend to enjoy it with whatever they are eating, but Pinot Noir in particular pairs quite well with turkey, ham, and quail. I’ve enjoyed mine with a savory prime rib as well. For our smoke prime rib recipe, check out my blog post here. While the number of potential pairings is endless, this short list provides go-to varieties that are sure to please the variety of palates at your table. Let me know how well they work for you!

Happy feasting!

Cheers – E

Three Easy Wine Selections for Every Holiday

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