DIY Apothecary Jar Snow Globe

Isn’t there just something enchanting about snow globes? This twist on the traditional snow globe is so loved in my house by my kids of all ages. They love to check in on the figurines each day. Plus, it is about as simple as it could possibly be: no gluing, no liquids and no mess!

My mother-in-law has a collection of Dickens village snow scenes and figurines. This past year, she was generous enough to let me use some for an open house and we loved the idea of created our own village snow scene in a glass jar. There are too many options to count and you can create any combination of scenes.

The decorative fake snow is cheap and easy to find this time of year. Here is one very inexpensive option. The flake snow works much better than the pull apart snow, which ends up tipping the village scenes over pretty easily. Add a few decorative trees or even a small cottage and you’ve created a dreamy apothecary jar snow globe!

DSC_0034 (2)

I found the glass container at Hobby Lobby and found an assortment of size options. Here’s a similar option available online. A car with a Christmas tree strapped to the top would be especially adorable. I’ve seen some versions that include lights under the snow! Make it your own and involve your kids. They always have the best ideas!

Enjoy – E

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