Vineyard Picnic

I’ve had an itching to create a vineyard picnic this year and finally made it happen after tons of rain and weather had interfered with my plans since harvest. Because of the wine region in Texas where we live, typical vineyards keep the rows plowed because weeds grow so easily. So, I knew good blankets and a stable surface would be key. Pallets stay true to the farm setting and create such a rustic flair. My husband had these particular pallets sitting around and I grabbed two for the quaint setting and perfect height for the snack picnic.

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I snagged the blankets and throw pillows at Tuesday Morning recently for great deals ($10 a piece!) and even snagged one of the cheese boards there, as well. The pillows add a comfy, yet elegant, feel and would be perfect for a romantic wine picnic.

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I used an old tobacco sack as a runner across the pallet stack, but a blanket or runner would work well also. Since we decided to bring along our entire crew, we made sure to include plenty of fruit and cheese for snacking. Juice or water would be a good addition here, as well, for the kiddos. And, no, we have not taken on the “raise ’em from a young age” on wine. We’ll wait for the legal age for now! We do love letting them run around and experience the vineyard and vineyard life.

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We had such a great time sitting around together and made some fun memories at the photo shoot as well. A summer picnic might call for white wine only, but since this was a lovely Fall setting, I chose both a Malbec and a Pinot Grigio from Trilogy Cellars.

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The kids loved it and we will definitely make it a new tradition. The pallet picnic would even be lovely in the backyard or at the park or lake. My incredibly talented cousin, Dylan Lowery, @tengofotos on Instagram, captured our memories. He even captured a shot with his new drone camera! How cool!

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Cheers! – E




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