4.0 Cellars Krick Hill Vineyards Montepulciano

This Wine Pick Wednesday features 4.0 Cellars Montepulciano from Krick Hill Vineyards (89% Montepulciano, 11% Ruby Cabernet). My hubby grew this fruit on our family’s vineyard, so I may be a bit partial, but I have to say, it’s genuinely pretty yummy. Montepulciano grows well in Texas and in researching its origin, it is not surprising that it originates from plantings on the East coast of Italy—a primarily Mediterranean climate with hot summers. The Texas High Plains, where our vineyard is located, is often compared to the Mediterranean with hot days and cool nights that really ripen the grapes over the summer nicely. This bottle does the fruit justice.

It holds hints of jammy fruit with sharp spice notes, giving it a bold, fruit-forward profile. The color presents as a deep cherry with iridescent edges. It’s the kind of glass that reminds me of tobacco or licorice while still maintaining fruity balance. It pairs impressively well with rich pastas, true to its Italian roots!

If you ever make it to Fredericksburg, Texas, definitely include 4.0 Cellars on your tours and tastings. It’s a unique concept, joining three well-established wineries in other parts of the state, in a shared tasting room in the number two wine destination in the country. Brennan Vineyards, Lost Oak Winery, and McPherson Cellars joined forces to create the new facility and winery, producing some of its own bottles, including this one. This particular wine was brought to 4.0 by Lost Oak Winery and Winemaker, Jim Evans. The Montepulciano fruit is quickly becoming a staple in my wine closet. You should try a glass or three as well!

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