Wine Pick: 2015 McPherson Old Vine Chenin Blanc

Welcome to my first Wine Pick Wednesday! I’m excited to launch a series on my blog featuring my wine favorites. And, although you may have caught my wine selections heading into fall, I’m still enjoying the whites these days. Especially today in Texas, when it was a ridiculous 94 degrees still, about a week before the official launch of Autumn. For the love…

So, for this first feature, I’m staying close to home and featuring one of my favorite wineries in Texas, which happens to be right here in Lubbock. And, really, I’m in good company loving this winery. McPherson Cellars has been recognized as a truly outstanding winery nationwide. Kim McPherson, the legendary wine maker, has been often featured by numerous publications, including local features, such as Texas Monthly, and nationwide, including this feature on Texas wine with CBS News.¬† Kim is the son of legendary wine pioneer, Doc McPherson, a trailblazer for Texas wine and wine grape growing in Texas. And, McPherson continues his tradition of exemplary wine making.

This wine, the 2015 Old Vine Chenin Blanc, is no exception. To be honest, I had shied away from Chenin Blanc in the past because I’d had a few bad bottles. It seemed too tart, too abrasive and just not the smooth, but crisp white that I enjoyed. This pick has changed my mind and won me back over for the love of Chenin Blanc. It’s a really good thing because we are harvesting quite a bit of Chenin Blanc this year and I’m excited to taste it once it is in the bottle. This particular vintage presents dry, while still easy to sip. In exploring this vintage, I’ve learned, surprisingly, that this is McPherson’s first-ever Chenin Blanc. The fruit grows well in Texas and originates in the France Loire Valley.

So, while everyone’s impressions are different, I find hints of apple and even citrus fruit with mild mineral overtones. The finish is crisp and quick, with pleasant acidity. It’s truly a lovely patio wine for those warm, early fall nights. It pairs nicely with fish and chicken, as do most whites, but I would be inclined to try it with seafood, if at all possible, due to the pleasant mineral overtones. Hope you give it a try and let me know your impressions.

Cheers – E

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