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Welcome to my first edition of the Burklee Bag! Follow along to keep up with all of my fantastic finds and wise purchases. If you’ve browsed through any of my wine posts, you have heard about my long journey to learn and enjoy wine over the last several years. One thing I have found without a doubt, the glass does matter! I admit it. And, I know, does it really matter or is it mental? Well, I tend to think it is a little of both. After you become accustomed to the right wine glass, it’s really tough to go back to drinking wine from a sub-pair glass.

So, what do you want in a wine glass? Because wine reacts when exposed to air, the shape, size and materials used actually do influence how the wine will react. There are a few basic essentials in my opinion. First, you want crystal. Many restaurants still serve wine in a glass wine glass. Think of the glass what you would typically use to drink ice water. Couple that with a small rim and I personally have a hard time sipping even my favorite wine! So, second, size does matter! The larger the rim, the better the exposure to air for the wine. So, red wines, in particular, really need air to breathe. Finally, the shape really matters depending on what wine is in your glass. White wines that are kept cold will keep their temperature better in smaller glasses, while red wines love that air exposure.


A few years back, my sister-in-law bought us the Schott Zwiesel Pure Burgandy Wine Glasses. The first thing I loved about them is their size. Yep, they are huge. But, that’s part of what makes them so awesome. They are made for bold, red burgandy wines, the kind of wines that crave air. So, these glasses are so immense that they essentially provide your own hand-held decanter allowing your wine to breathe!


In addition, Schott Zwiesel glasses are made from durable crystal, and while they boast to be dishwasher safe, I quickly learned I could find a way to break any crystal in the dishwasher. So, I just hand wash these. Consider it a labor of love!

Lucky for me, there is an entire series of the Pure design by Schott Swiesel. In fact, Schott Swiesel has a number of crystal stemware designs that look delightful. But, this past year, we joyfully received the Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glasses for a white wine alternative. There are so many options, you can choose essentially any size in between.


I think my next purchase will be either the Champagne Flutes or the Red Wine Decanter. I hope to branch out to some of the cocktail glasses, as well. Check out these martini glasses! Let me know if you have found your own little prize in the category of wine glasses. I would love to hear!

Cheers – E



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