The Art of Sipping Wine

When I met my wine-grape-growing hubby eight years ago, my wine of choice was sweet moscato. It was awesome. I mean it. You could get a huge liter of it at Walgreens for like 9 bucks. I’m not kidding… about the cheap price or my former wine “sophistication.” Can you believe he gave me a chance? Now, don’t get me wrong, moscato can be a great wine. The hubby (Chace) grows muscat wine grapes and the result in the glass can run the gamut, from a lovely, dry muscat to a delightful sweet, dessert wine. I truly believe that every wine variety serves a purpose and fills a certain corner of the wine world.

DSC_0040 (1)
Becker Vineyards Muscat Canelli Amabile made from the Hill Family vineyard, Krick Hill.

Chace likes to say that my taste has gotten WAY more expensive. True story.  And, to some degree, I suppose I have developed some sophistication. As a general rule, I love a bold, very dry red more than any other glass (although hot days call for a crisp white or rosé). But, over the years, what I have endeavored to do is sip and not “gulp” my wine. I found that I loved the sweet moscato because, let’s be honest, it went down really easy.

Malbec clusters transitioning through veraison (the darkening in color of red wine grapes).

But, there was something about being in the vineyard world that nurtured my desire to understand and learn the distinct varieties. Each grape variety budded in the spring at its own unique time and each was harvested in late summer/early fall at the time that it was ready. Each was unique and each presented unique flavors and tones—attributes that could easily be missed if swallowed too quickly. So, I started sipping.

DSC_0045 (1)
Our wine closet that I’m desperately working hard to fill!

I sipped and began to try to detect the difference in flavor in the wine in my glass today and the wine I drank last night or last week. Is it light or medium-bodied? Is it fruity or leathery? Is it dark or light in color? Sometimes I could tell a difference and sometimes I couldn’t tell one red from another to save my life. But, I tried and tried and kept trying. I mean, I really sacrificed a lot, you know, drinking all that wine. But, after awhile, it paid off. I could recognize certain wines… usually my favorites, as well as other wines… usually those that I don’t prefer (like Chardonnay – not my fave). Now, don’t get my wrong, I’m not posing as some master sommelier trapped in a lawyer’s life. I’m just trying to learn more… about myself as a wine drinker and about wine, in general. And, the way I’ve found that I learn is through sipping, through truly savoring each sip, and not gulping as I did in my early wine-drinking days. So, now that I’ve started this little blog. I suppose if I’m going to call it a “wine blog,” I should actually blog about wine. I mean, I’ve taken plenty of pretty pictures of my wine (isn’t it pretty?), but blogging should actually take it a bit deeper, right?

So, there you have it = my first, little blog post about wine. So, stay awhile and sip with me because there will be more to come.

Cheers! – E

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