Smoked Prime Rib


So, I have a confession. The hubby is truly the talented chef in our house. It’s true and let’s be honest, it’s Chace’s kitchen and I just live here. But, I enjoy assuming the role of sous chef any night he will let me. Lucky for me, we recently collaborated on a delightful dinner of smoked prime rib and seared brussel sprouts with mushrooms, onions and yes, bacon. (Watch for another blog post soon detailing the recipe for the brussel sprouts.) And, just an FYI: after you see what we used to create this dinner, you will quickly realize this does not make the “light fare” category by any means. But, it was worth it. . . definitely. I mean it, run the extra mile or two to allow yourself to enjoy this dinner.

We recently bought a new smoker and I have been pleasantly surprised with how much I have loved the flavor it provides. Now, prime rib is not what I expected for us to smoke at all. I figured we would smoke brisket, ribs, chicken. . . but prime rib?  Oh, yes.



  • Bring the smoker heat to 225 degrees
  • Blend softened butter with salt, pepper and herbs
  • Rub butter and herb blend on prime rib
  • Place directly on rack in smoker until internal temp is 135 degrees (approx. 3 hours)
  • Wrap in foil immediately after removing from smoker and rest for 10 minutes

Serves 4-6.

We love Becker Vineyards. Not only do they have premium Texas wine, but they also have incredible lavender fields and herbs that you can purchase. They even have lavender soap and cream. It’s dreamy.

If it makes you feel any better, a LOT of the butter just drips off while it’s smoking. Really. We recommend a drip pan strategically placed below as seen here.


This is about midway through the smoking and the color was already beautiful.


And, here is the beauty right out of the smoker. Don’t forget to wrap it in foil and let it rest before cutting. Then, enjoy! It is tender and pairs perfectly with a bold red wine! Cheers!


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