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Recently, I started to follow Tománek Farms on social media and was intrigued by their focus on creative uses for herbs, from gourmet lavender brownie mix to “Smudge Stick Insect Repellant.” A law school friend’s wife, Sarah Tománek Norman, recently jumped in and began revamping her family’s four-generation farm business to offer farmer’s market goods locally in Lubbock. And while you cannot presently order any of the lovely herbal products online, Sarah does set up at local farmer’s markets and offers to deliver locally in the Lubbock, Texas area. Even more, Tománek Farms hosts a delightful blog where you can find a guide to caring for Basil (I desperately need this), a Czech Benton cocktail recipe (obviously awesome) or these Cinnamon Basil Cookies that you can try at home.


A few weeks back (with all four kids in tow!), I ventured to the West End Farmer’s Market here in Lubbock to see Sarah. In addition to lovely packaging, I was overwhelmed with how many items I wanted to try. Although I could’ve stayed all day, the kids were wilting in the heat and we left with Rosemary Bath Milk and Lavender Brownie Mix. The Rosemary Bath Milk was amazing and between my two girls and I, we quickly used it all and need more ASAP. We made the lavender brownie mix this week, pairing it with homemade ice cream for the Fourth! #yum


The brownies were rich and thick in texture and definitely provided the lavender component I had hoped to taste!  I’ve enjoyed leftovers the last few days and they remained chewy and moist. I plan to try the herb jellies next for pork or chicken.


Looky there! Those are clippings of MY lavender growing in my front beds as you walk to our front door. #proudmom Anyway, since the brownies provided both chocolate and lavender, I decided to pair them with a lighter wine, deciding to go with McPherson’s Tre Colore, a blend of Carignane, Cinsault and Viognier. It was undoubtedly a nice choice with the smooth characteristics of the Tre Colore balancing the rich texture and flavor of the brownies. I’m looking forward to following Sarah and Tománek Farms and trying more of their recipes and market goods! Hope you will as well. Cheers!


P.S. I’m a brand new blogger and don’t have any “sponsors” yet! This is truly a reflection of my own opinions and enjoyment of Tománek Farms and as always, #premiumTexaswine.

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